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Victoria Hotels & Resorts beautiful Pearl Far East

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Stretching across Vietnam & Laos, Victoria Resort system consists of 7 hotels built by a French architect, with a passion for exploring tourism and the hidden beauty of the S-shaped country. .

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From the pristine mountains surrounding Sapa town, to Hoi An old town, through Phan Thiet coastal sand dunes to the famous Mekong Delta floating market and the ancient city of Luang Prabang in Laos, visitors will always Find in Victoria Hotels & Resorts the elegance, classic of Indochinese architecture, dazzling the subtle and unique beauty of each region, and most notably the sincere hospitality and the enthusiastic spirit , hearty characteristic of Asian culture. Not only bring a relaxing holiday, hotel systems here always want to bring visitors feel the magic of Indochina through close experiences with local culture and people.
Located in the upper part of Hau River in Mekong Delta, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel is a wonderful combination of nature and culture. Here, visitors can see the beautiful beauty of the river from many different angles, from the elegant Bassac Restaurant, the stylish Tan Chau bar to the outdoor pool. Chau Doc is also the place to explore some of the area's attractions, including the enchanting Tra Su forest, the historic and rich Tuc Dup hill, and magnificent waterways, where There are floating markets and fish farms.
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20 minutes from Chau Doc, Mount Sam is known as one of the most spiritual destinations in Vietnam, where there are ancient pagodas on the hilltop, with exquisite blends from Chinese, Khmer and Vietnamese culture. Male. This quiet destination is also the location of the peaceful Victoria Mountain Sam hotel, and the spectacular scenery of vast rice fields. Victoria Nui Sam Hotel owns 40 rooms, overlooking the 5-color rice paddies, the panoramic view with the panoramic view of Vietnam and Cambodia border and the most beautiful infinity pool in Cuu Long plain. Long.
Located in the lower Mekong River, Can Tho is known for its bustling floating markets, luxuriant tropical fruit gardens. Victoria Can Tho Resort offers a free boat shuttle service to Can Tho city center. Surrounded by 8,000 square meters of magnificent tropical garden is 92 rooms with ancient architecture from the French colonial period, interwoven with highlights from traditional local handicraft culture.
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Just 4 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City, the beaches and coconut palms of Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) are favorite vacation destinations of many tourists. Surrounding 57 rooms of Victoria Phan Thiet Beach and Spa Resort is seven hectares of lush tropical garden with a highlight of orchids. The stunning infinity pool and L'Océane restaurant are a great choice for you after a long day exploring the coastal city of Phan Thiet.
Located along Cua Dai Beach, Victoria Hoi An Resort is inspired by the traditional features of Hoi An Ancient Town - UNESCO World Heritage, 109 rooms decorated with exquisite architecture bring the breath of the background. Traditional Japanese, French and Vietnamese culture. Located in the center of the resort is an infinity pool under a lush green coconut ball, overlooking the sea. In addition, you can explore quite a bit of the nearby countryside lifestyle with a classic sidecar experience.
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Located in the northern highlands of Vietnam, Sapa town has won the hearts of many domestic and foreign tourists. Just steps away from the famous Stone Church of the town, a few steps from Victoria Sapa resort & spa with a simulation of terraced fields including 77 rooms equipped with modern facilities. Other facilities include a spacious lounge with stone fireplace, spa, indoor heated pool and Ta Van restaurant overlooking Fansipan Mountain.
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Located in the center of Luang Prabang town, surrounded by the golden towers of the town's famous temples is Victoria Xiengthong Hotel, a once-royal residence of the Lao Royal Family. The hotel has been restored, but still retains the luxurious beauty of the palace. Twenty-six rooms with the unique culture and style of the ancient capital of Laos, shown through wooden furniture combined with typical Lao motifs, give you a comfortable and comfortable accommodation space. .