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Experience complete travel with Emm Hotels & Resorts

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Located in prime locations at popular tourist destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Hoi An, and EMM Hotels & Resorts promises to be a home spread out every country when looking for points. stop.

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Hoi An Hoi An Hotel
Central location
Located in the central location of the top destinations, ideal for visitors to explore the tourist attractions in the area.
Located in the middle of District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City and District 3 with many historical attractions, from the EMM Hotel Saigon you can easily walk to famous landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace as well as houses. shops, shopping centers and traditional markets.
EMM Hotel Hue with a prime location on Ly Thuong Kiet Street will be an ideal stopover to discover the unique ancient history and culture along the romantic Huong River or ancient Hue city.
Only a few minutes by bike from Hoi An ancient town and very convenient to visit the romantic Cua Dai or An Bang beach, visitors staying at Hoi An Hoi An Hotel can immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of the old town, Visit famous attractions, bustling shopping areas, or relax in the charming, peaceful seaside.
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EMM Hotel Hue is located at 15 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hue City
Modern style, youthful but cozy and comfortable
In Vietnamese, "EM" means calm, quiet, serene, friendly; "M" stands for Modern, meaning modern, human, creative, attractive, fresh. The combination of "EM" and "M" that brings the harmonious overview value of EMM promises a complete experience for visitors during their stay. Like its name, hotels in the NMMC series are designed in a modern, sophisticated, minimalist, yet comfortable style with diverse utilities. NMM's dynamic young spirit is expressed through the combination of personality of opposite tones. ÊMM Sài Gòn combines young green and lotus pink to show the enthusiasm of the thriving city, ÊMM Huế combines turquoise and purple color of the ancient capital, Hội An Hội An combines turquoise and bright gold reminiscent of ancient features of Hoi street.
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Premier Triple Room at Hoi An Hotel Hoi An
Coming to the EMM hotel chain, visitors often do not miss the opportunity to visit Spice Viet restaurant to discover and enjoy the quintessential dishes of the regions on the S-shaped strip of land. Fresh and fresh from Spice Vietnamese local farms that bring pure Vietnamese dishes that are not only delicious and beautiful but also good for health. Interior design using rustic deep brown tones of wood dotted with the fresh green of green trees creates an elegant and cozy space. Another good thing that makes Spice Viet unique and different from other Vietnamese cuisine restaurants is the creative dishes (fusion) made with the exquisite and exclusive recipe of the chef. Spice Vietnamese culinary experience is always new and attractive.
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Spice Viet Restaurant Hoi An
International standard, dedicated service, attention to detail
With the desire to bring customers an unforgettable experience, ÊMM Hotels & Resorts not only focuses on comfortable facilities, modern, here, experience new customers is the top priority of the team employees. Come to EMM, dedicated service culture is expressed from the time of booking to leave, making guests feel cared but still respecting their private space. Customer comments on Tripadvisor - the world's largest travel information channel or social networking channels is a real demonstration of customer service coming from the heart of Emm.
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