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Booming with a series of festivals all year round in Ha Long

Updated: 18 Aug, 2019 lúc August 18, 2019

The "whirlwind" of festivals throughout the four seasons and trendy shopping streets are blowing new vitality for the tourist city of Ha Long (Quang Ninh).

 The festival "spells" visitors
In France, the land of "the summer festival", there are no festivals every month. You can name a few names that any tourist would put on a "must-visit" list, such as Carnival Street Festival in February, Fete de la Musique Music Festival, which takes place in June. , The d'Avigon Festival is full of dance, musical, cinema in July, or the super attractive Rock En Seine concert in August ... Each event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. .
Exploding with a year-round festival in Ha Long - 1
Undeniably, the year-round series of attractive festivals has given this country a huge amount of tourists. According to a report from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2018, France topped the ranking of the world's "most expensive" tourist destinations, with 86.9 million international visitors.
Looking at the way of making the world's top tourist countries so, it is easy to see festivals that play a big role in creating a "drunken yeast" for the smokeless industry. Also in Vietnam, there are now localities that gradually position themselves as festival tourism destinations, typically Ha Long. 
Exploding with a year-round festival in Ha Long - 2
Coming to Ha Long today is not only to visit the bay or swim but to Ha Long today is also for fun, to discharge energy in the four-season tourist paradise. From the dimness of the visitors, pure one-season tourism, Ha Long has "waded upstream" to become a land of endless summer. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, any festival with festivals.
Festivals in the Dragon Land also follow every style. Fire-filled heat like the Sun Dance Festival - the largest dance and culinary festival in the North attracts more than 10 thousand attendees last May.
Or the Ha Long Carnival celebrates on 30-4, 1-5, and the Sun Pool Party banquet is on fire with "crazy drunken dances" ... And unique as the sunrise festival takes place in July with the chain exciting activities.
Exploding with a series of festivals all year round in Ha Long - 3
The "stage" for these festivals is Bai Chay with Sun Carnival Plaza, the beautiful Shophouse Europe area of ​​the Sun Plaza Grand World project, 4km long sea route, or the shophouse Sun Premier Village Ha Long Bay .
Also at Bai Chay, the entertainment complex Sun World Halong Complex never lacks festivals. The festival of colorful flowers, festivals of light or winter festivals, food festivals ... Every year, the festival here is "molting" again, bringing with it the new shape and shape, bringing "the dish Spiritual food "is unique to the people and visitors.                   
Not only is the festival land, Ha Long is also "capturing" new and fashionable events. Typical fashion events such as Fashion Voyage, Wonder Fashion Show ...           
Or in mid-June, nearly 30 super sports cars worth an estimated 300 billion VND for the first time gathered at Ha Long International Passenger Terminal, one of the stops of Cars Passion 2019 - Vietnam Supercar Journey 3rd.
Booming with a series of festivals all year round in Ha Long - 4
In addition, Ha Long is also the destination of cultural and sporting events of great caliber such as Sao Mai 2019, Vietnam Professional Golf Tournament - VPGA Tour .. and scale conferences and seminars. MICE tourism is gradually becoming a trend in Ha Long, accompanied by huge flow of tourists to pour here.      
With a series of events, festivals throughout the four seasons of the year, it is understandable why Quang Ninh welcomed 8.5 million visitors in the first 6 months of this year, nearly twice as high as Danang. In the majority of tourists come to Ha Long and Bai Chay tourist destination.          
Brick connecting festivals - shopping                           
Trên thế giới, du lịch, lễ hội sẽ luôn song hành cùng mua sắm. Nhìn sang Thái Lan, Singapore, Malaysia,… riêng mua sắm đã trở thành tour du lịch hút khách. Hay như Pháp, dòng khách “khủng” đổ về đây không chỉ dự lễ hội mà còn để thỏa mãn “cơn nghiện” shopping.
Hạ Long liệu có thể đi theo xu hướng này? Thành phố bên bờ Vịnh đã sở hữu cả kho lễ hội, nhưng lại thiếu vế thứ hai để mang tới trải nghiệm trọn vẹn cho du khách.
Exploding with a series of festivals all year round in Ha Long - 5
Ngay lúc này, khoảng trống đó đang được bổ sung “thần tốc” ở Bãi Cháy với các khu phố mua sắm lớn như khu shophouse Sun Premier Village Halong Bay, các dãy phố Shophouse Europe của dự án Sun Plaza Grand World…
The fashionable shopping streets of Shophouse Europe on Ha Long Road, or the Australian Avenue of Service Business Zone have the ability to transform into a stage for festivals such as fashion, food, music ... It is also a place to help visitors satisfy their shopping needs.
Here, when projects such as Sun Plaza Grand World in Bai Chay are completed, Ha Long can completely hope to reach the title of the biggest festival of shopping and shopping in the North.