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Along with Vietnam Tourism to extend the journey of love

Cập nhật: 18 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 18, 2019

From August 15, Vietnam Tourism launches a promotion program "Fall in love - Be happy forever" with unexpected incentives for customers who buy tours in the fall of 2019. Discounting live tours up to 10 million VND .

Because life is journeys, every journey is filled with emotions. It can be exciting, overwhelmed by the majestic nature, admiration for an artistic masterpiece or the emotions that rise in front of a sacred relic ... Although that feeling is, but the journey will make sense. more when you are experienced in full of love.
Along with Vietnam Tourism to extend the journey of love - 1
Every autumn tour of Vietnam Travel is a journey of love. With Vietnam Tourism, tourism is not only a discovery but also an opening, not only to affirm your own value but also to cultivate love. It doesn't matter where you go but who you go with in your life's journeys.
With that message, Vietnam Tourism wants to bring to customers not only tour products but also love experiences on each trip. The bond of love between people is the message throughout the program "Fall in love - Be happy forever". The program starts from August 15 with many attractive incentives for customers to register tours.
Along with Vietnamese Tourism to extend the journey of love - 2
Together for life: Discount 10% of tour value for couples with marriage registration. This is a gift that Vietnamese Tourists want to give instead of happy congratulations to couples. Going through the years, going through all kinds of worries, when you have fulfilled your responsibilities with your children, with the society, the couple continues to hold hands to enjoy life. That is the blissful happiness of life.
Soulmate friends: apply tour discounts to 10% similar to older couples. Not only honoring the love of the couple, Vietnam Tourism also highly praises the friendship between the souls of the soul. Knowing each other from spring, together to the first silver, that friendship is as precious as friendship. When you are at the age of enjoying this life, Vietnam Travel has tour routes that are more relaxing, enjoying, reducing physical activity, along with high level of travel insurance to help customers experience.
Take a tour with "bear": Free teddy bear for customers to register for tours alone. If you know that "Spring is like a cake, not to travel to the spring," then quickly schedule your journey to explore the world. You are guys, girls who are exposed to youth, singles, like to move, so don't just go crazy with your work or study. Instead, after completing a small goal, reward yourself for a trip, perhaps the first trip abroad, for example.
It is an opportunity to discover yourself, connect your friends everywhere. Go to appreciate, love yourself more. Who knows, in your quest to find yourself, discover the world, destiny will take you to where your "bear" is waiting.
Mounting hundreds of years: participating in love insurance worth up to 8 million VND of PTI when getting married. Vietnam Travel is dedicated to customers who find "the other half" after PTI's Love Insurance trip. With the Insurance package of VND 400,000, you and your partner will receive VND 8,000,000 when you get married.
Along Vietnamese Tourism to extend the journey of love - 3
Long life carrying cover: Give away even though double for each couple to register tour. Happiness is not only a destination but a process of loving one another. With couples who want to make memories of their love journey together, Viet Travel will give you a pair of sunglasses to protect you from the rain.
The whole family is happy: get a helmet immediately when registering the tour for the whole family. Family is always a source of love for everyone. There is something great like parents and children visiting each other, exploring the world. Above all, your family will have more time to relax together, understand and love each other more.
Through the trip, the couple is warmed up, the children are learning new things to develop comprehensively. Autumn Tour of Vietnam Travel will extend your family's love on every trip. When registering the tour, you will be given a very special helmet for the whole family to go to the street.  
Discover with your children: participating in challenges during the trip, your baby will receive surprise gifts from Vietnam Tourism. Vietnam Travel will organize useful activities to attract children to participate during the trip such as remembering the names of the members in the group, learning how to greet in the local language, name the destination ... The baby will receive the Unexpected rewards when overcoming challenges.
I have grown up: giving my baby a discovery tour / emergency escape skill. Life always has many things that make parents worry about their children. Equipping the children with the necessary skills will help them to be confident in each step of their own so that their parents feel more secure.
Free gifted souvenir photo for any customer participating in Vietnam Tour. Each guest will be given a photo of a yearbook in a lovely frame to keep memories of the trip. The photo will mark your love journey with friends and relatives in the meaningful years of life.